Monday, January 17, 2022

Make A List and Design Wall Monday

Not quite as short a project list as last week:

1.  Finishing Up the Hexie Snowflake blocks

After the big finishes last week, I didn't do any quilting this weekend as we prepared for the "Big Storm That Wasn't".  We decided to get our warehouse club shopping done on Saturday in the event we had to hunker down after the storm.  Sunday was a lazy day of clearing out the DVR while waiting for the predicted snow to come.  

My watch party friend had recommended the Yellowstone prequel "1883" and I recorded the first two episodes when CMT ran them last week.  It didn't disappoint and now DH is also hooked!  We tried watching the third episode on the Paramount streaming service but when we stopped to rewind to pick up something we missed (or I missed --- DH saw some quilts in a background shot) for some reason the service would only restart the episode not resume it.  It was late by then so we switched to watching some of our regularly scheduled live shows.

Sorry, I digressed...all that to say that I did some stitching on the last hexie block during last week but I should have been stitching on it and finishing it up during all of the TV watching.  Since I didn't, I really want to finish the last block up and start working on the layout for all the blocks this week.

2.  Rainbow Scrap Challenge

As per last week's MALM,   during the week I did pick the fabrics for the two projects from last year that I want to sew up now (pictured above) and did finish the cutting and piecing for another two that may or may not continue on for 2022.  However, I also have two more projects that will definitely transition to being projects for this year's RSC and I had expected to work on those this past Saturday but the shopping got in the way of that.  

I also still want to see if there are any new ones I want to add to the RSC queue.  So we'll see what gets done on those either during this week or if I can carve out time Saturday to get back to them.

3.  APQ UFO on the Design Wall

As I said last week, this is the week I want to resume work on the "Box Trot" project which is #12 on the list of UFOs I made for this year's American Patchwork and Quilting UFO Challenge.  I had made up the top when we last visited my MIL in October.  I had slightly changed the positioning of the fussy cut rectangles and now am not sure I like the extra sashed strips to the right of the  bottom rectangle.  During the holidays, I was able to get more of the fabrics from that old line and have some ideas for taking that piece off and adding borders to fil out the top.  So that's a big thing I want to try and work on this week.

4.  Techno Quilters Training Catch-up

Last summer, I signed up with Kari Shell for her Techno Quilters training to really learn how to use Electric Quilt 8 software.  I had tried out her free "Summer Games" series that honored last year's Olympics and that really gave me a good taste of what EQ8 could do.  The next six month series is set to renew and I have only done one module of the first one!  I now have two projects I want to try my hand at designing in EQ8 so along with catching up on the lessons, I want to work on those as part of my "training".

5.  More Work with the Planner

Well, I did crack open the planner this week and made a few notes in it, but still need to add more stuff.  Also I had a printout stuffed in the planner about a "By Annie" cover I could make for it!  I'm torn:  I picked the cover because I want to see it but admit a quilted cover will protect the book over all and I do like that it provides a zipper pocket for pens and such.  Plus, I'd love to try my hand at making another "By Annie" project.  Well, we'll see what happens on that front! 

So much to do, so little time!  What's on your "To Do" list this week?

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Vireya said...

That's quite a list of things to do. I hope you are making some progress on it, as it is a couple of days into the week now. I always seem to get more done when I make a list.