Sunday, January 1, 2023

7 Days of New Years --- Day 7: Hello 2023!!

Ahh, the end of my holiday quilt-a-thon.  As usual not as much done as hoped but still fun to try to sew every day and at the least move things forward towards a finish.  In light of everything I tried to do for the holidays, it was easy to come up with my new Word of the Year:  


Knowing that I am prone to taking on more than I can chew, I know that this year, I should try to set limits to what I want to accomplish.  Oh, I will still plan and dream of ALL the things I'd LIKE to do, just not commit to doing all of them in the immediate term, LOL!!

As usual this also brings me back to a long ago Word of the Year:  Focus.  That's what it really takes to get things done.  So as I start to map out 2023, those two words will be kept firmly top of mind as I plan out each month.  

As always, Bonnie Hunter's inspirational quilty quotes are good for setting the tone for the day:

That said, each new year promises better and brighter days and dreams and wishes fulfilled.  Let's hope 2023 keeps that promise for all of us!  Enjoy the start of a bright and shiny New Year!!


Vireya said...

Limits is an interesting word.

I hope it helps you achieve what you want to this year.

Rebecca Grace said...

Limits?! Hah — you sound like my Inner Jimminy Cricket!! That’s exactly what I need to get better at this year! Best wishes to both of us that we learn to say “no,” “I need to think about that before committing” and “maybe someday but not today!”