Monday, January 16, 2023

Moving It Forward Monday: Quiltville Cherry Crunch

This weekend, I did more strip set sewing but more importantly, also did some sub-cutting:

A Stripology Ruler workout!

I will admit making the string strip sets was getting a little tedious.  I wondered how many of the sub-cuts I needed from them I would get from what I had already made.  The good news is that after cutting them up, I had about three quarters of what I needed already!  

I also still had some strip sets that were just a bit short of the needed width.  By my calculations, if I added another narrow strip to each of them and trimmed them up, I thought I would be able to cut all the additional sub-cuts I needed.  If not, I estimated that I'd only need a few more beyond that to get to the total needed.  

A few weeks ago as I pulled fabrics for the Fat Quarter Disappearing Nine Patch quilt, I also took the time to take smaller pieces of red fabrics I came across and die cut them down into HSTs for the corners to be added to the sub-cuts.  

In the pattern, Bonnie shows how to get them attached three ways.  One way is to do them from squares using the "Flip and Sew" method.  In these instances, I prefer to pre-cut my corners and sew them on that way.  Bonnie also shows how to do that method and shows how to use two different specialty rulers to get that done.   I used my Easy Angle ruler which also does that job.

So today, I added strips to the sets that were a little short of width.  Once I sub-cut those, I still needed a little less than forty more.  So I moved on to fixing some of the string set end cuts I had that had one or two strings in a set that were short of the full sub-cut width.  Working from scraps, I dismantled some of the short-of-width strip sets and added in really short cuts still in the scrap strip stash (which I usually save to piece onto the corners of the "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" string squares).  Doing so I managed to get half of what I still needed.  Very much wanting to finish this off, I stitched up two final strip sets, sub-cut those and now I am completely done with this step and with paper foundations to spare!!

Whew!  While I am glad I got that done, it should be noted that of course this wasn't the deadline quilt I was supposed to be working on this weekend, LOL!!  Fortunately, it is a flexible deadline so if I have to move it forward a week, it will not be a major problem.  

As for the "Cotton Boll" string squares that I still have more to make,  I'll stick to the "15 minutes a day" plan.  I hope that I can get them done so I can still get that old mystery project to a top by month's end.  It is my APQ UFO Challenge project for this month so I'd like to see it done too! 

As always, a little Bonnie advice is a great way to top off the day:

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Well done with your moving of things along!