Monday, December 26, 2022

And So Starts the "7 Days of New Years" and Rolling to the End 2022


Meme by Greedo09

For me, this one was appropriate for two reasons.   While I did get my tree up.....

For some reason, the red lights photograph pink....

.....despite the best of intentions,  this is the only one of all the quilts I planned for Christmas decorating this year that is completely finished.

Temecula Quilt Co. "12 Days of Christmas"

The glory of what is now the "post holiday" season is that Christmas is back for me.  With the pressure of preparing for events and the events themselves now past (or in my case, a few cancelled at the last minute), now I get to spend this week finishing up the rest (or trying to anyway)!  

At the end of my last post, I talked about how I needed one more quilt for my plans.  Well, I found a real easy one.  I had heard of the "Disappearing Quilt Blocks" technique before but never saw it applied to a whole quilt until now:

I happened to catch April's video demonstrating how to make a "Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt" where the "block" is made up of Fat Quarters and knew this was just what I needed!  If you watch the video, you will find out that she originally saw the technique demonstrated (originated too?) by Darlene Michaud on her You Tube channel.  After watching hers, another video by Matt that also referenced Darlene's method was great for picking up a bunch of tips for choosing fabrics for making this quilt and planning their ultimate placement in the quilt top.  As a result, I managed to get this top done that day:

I also got the backing made for it, layered it, did the stabilizing stitching around the sections and came up with a plan to quilt the sections.  That was as far as I got.  Now that I can take my time, I'm hoping to definitely get this one finished this week. 

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas --- again!  

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Happy extra Christmas!