Friday, December 9, 2022

Quiltville Chilhowie Mystery Part 3 and Back To My Own Mystery Work

 The next part of Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery dropped right on schedule today:

For Part 3, the mystery quilters will be making Hourglass units with Quarter Square Triangles this week.  

As noted previously, my plan for this mystery season is to resume work on two of my own Quiltville mystery WISPs (that's "Works In Slow Progress").   However, I also needed to finish working on blocks for a Christmas project which got in the way of that for most of this week.  The good news is that today, I can get to back to working on the string blocks I had in progress.

In addition to the Christmas quilting, the Christmas quilt finishing has also been on my mind.  To that end, another diversion this week has been checking out the Quilt Plan Challenge offered by Holly Ann of String and Story.  

Holly Ann has been doing a daily video this week with tips on how to organize, preview and then navigate your plans for quilting your quilts.  If you are also interested in something like this, you can still go here to sign up so Holly Anne can send you the workbook for the course.  All of the videos from this week are also available on her You Tube channel  here.

It has been interesting to watch and has given me a few ideas for how to approach quilting both the Christmas projects as well as the many "To Be Quilted" flimsies I have around.  I even think it will give me the confidence to tackle quilting my "En Provence" mystery quilt once I put together the backing for it that I had planned to complete during this mystery season.  Dare I dream of getting all of the mystery quilts that are ready for quilting finished?!?  Yeah, I know, don't get ahead of myself!

What are you working on this week?  Are you up to date on "Chilhowie" or finishing up your holiday sewing?  Or maybe you are already working on a new project to be completed for the New Year?  Don't laugh, 2023 is almost here!


Vireya said...

As you know, I am working on getting my sewing room sorted out. This week I cleared enough of my cutting table to allow me to cut some borders and some other large pieces for a couple of my unfinished projects. I'll be needing quilting ideas soon, so thanks for the link to the HollyAnne videos.

I presume you noticed that Bonnie re-wrote clue 3? There was an error in the first version.

Rebecca Grace said...

I’ve never heard of WISP before but I love it! All of my WIPs are WISPy!! Happy holidays to you and best wishes with your projects!