Friday, December 16, 2022

Quiltville Chilhowie Mystery Part 4 and the Results of Steady String Block Work

It's Friday, so time for the next part of Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery to drop!

Also note:  there was a correction to the Part 3 that dropped last week so go back and download the updated and corrected instructions.  As for Part 4, the mystery quilters will be making HSTs and cutting QSTs this week.  

Remember, you can check out everyone's progress on the parts of the mystery on Instagram.  I love seeing the color variations that quilters are doing!  I will admit though, I miss when everyone linked up on Bonnie's blog on Monday's after the each part was published.  However, this way you can now get daily doses of Chilhowie goodness so that's a plus! 

I have been continuing with my plan to resume work on two of my own Quiltville mysteries.  One of those has been "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll".  I needed to complete the part of the mystery where you had to make string block units.  Additionally, I am also working on Bonnie's "Cherry Crunch" quilt as another Red & White Christmas project which also needs string units.  

I've been able to do a little on both in between (or sometimes, instead of) other quilting I am doing for the season.  It is much easier to leader/ender the string blocks with each other since it means I can keep the small stitch length the same for both rather than having to change the stitch length if I push through a regular project along with the string blocks.  Doing so has meant making great progress on both!

I now have enough of the "Cotton Boll" foundation blocks that I'm down to the last third of the total needed for the project left to make.  Glad to finally be getting these done after starting on making them all the way back back in 2018.  For the "Crunch" project, so far I've managed to complete about half the units I need for that project.  Once I finish them, the next step will be to sub-cut them and add flip and sew corners to make the subunits for the finished blocks.

Hope your mystery quilting is progressing or your holiday sewing is finishing up.  It's time for the final holiday project push!!   

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Vireya said...

Hooray! You are making good progress.