Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010

It looks like the last finish for 2010 will be my Schnibble now called "Tribal Scratch":

It was finished on Wednesday.  I thought I'd get to also quilt the last two quilts on deck but had no energy on Thursday (actually stayed up late to finish so was just too tired the next day to do anything).  I am working on the Crumb quilt today but it doesn't look like it will be done by day's end.  No matter, I'll probably spend the rest of the weekend and even early next week finishing them so they will not be hanging over my head as I move on to the PHD Challenge projects list.

Once again, wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year's.  See you in 2011!!


Scrappy quilter said...

Very nice!! Happy New year.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Hope to see you soon!


Ivory Spring said...


Happy New Year to you too! What a lovely finish - I like how you have quilted the arches on the border extending into the pieced blocks.

p.s. Thanks for the get well wishes. I am on the mend.

Teresa Rawson said...

Nice finish...I love those Scnibbles! I hope the snow isn't getting you down!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Tamera said...

How are things going? We haven't heard from you for a few weeks!