Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yet Another New Tuesday Archive Post - Crazy Quilt

Val over at Val's Quilting Studio hosts a weekly Tuesday Archive Linky Party.

She announces that week's themes and people can link up an old post about projects they have done for one or both themes. Quilters can also link up a new post for a "pre-blogging" project about the themes.  This week's themes are Color Wheels, Crafty Projects and Crazy Quilts.  This post is for another of my pre-blogging projects, this time in the "Crazy Quilt" category.

These pillows were made back in 2008 to go in a recliner chair I had at the time.  I had wanted to try a crazy quilt project and was also looking to do an "all neutrals" project as well.  The recliner was beige and so was the perfect background and color inspiration.  I pulled all the scraps from the scrap stash.  Some of the trims and buttons used were from stash, some were purchased to help fill out this project.

In the left pillow, see that black and beige "jaguar" print?  It's from some shoulder pad covers from an old favorite blouse.  The covers just happened to be laying around the quilt studio and was a nice spark when put with the other fabrics (when the color is right we quilters make do)!  I got the idea of doing the quadrant format separated by trim from a Joann's online project sheet. It may be hard to see in the picture, but I couched my initials with a fuzzy cream colored decorative thread in the bottom right quadrant.

 On the right pillow, I felt that the area in the bottom left needed something.  I wanted to buy a embroidered decal to put there but I was close to finishing and didn't want to have to go out and shop for one.  Then I got the idea to make something to put there -- in this case it was a crocheted and beaded flower doily motif.  The motif was patterned in an old crochet booklet of my mother's that I had.  The beads were actually from a bracelet that had recently broken.  I liked the colors of the beads and had saved them, thank goodness!  

I still want to do a big Crazy quilt project one day but little projects like these are a great way to play and experiment!  If you want to see more quilty-crafty goodness, head back over to Val's and see what everyone else has posted this week!


Anonymous said...

The pillows are lovely. I can imagine them brightening up a beige recliner.

Angie in SoCal said...

Lovely pillows, Vivian. I especially like that crocheted flower you made.
Thanks for sharing!

Val's Creative Life said...

Viv...not only are these awesome...but how very cool you got to blog about them...2008! WOW! (I like your idea of trying a new technique by making something small)

Jasmine said...

Pillows are a great idea to try crazy quilting. I will keep that in mind.