Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another 2nd Quarter Finish!

Here's another quick one finished in April for the the 2nd Quarter of the 2014 Finish-A-Long being hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.  It looks like I've hit the top of my 2nd Quarter list with the last finish and am on track on the bottom of the list with this one.  I've got three of these covers to do and was hoping to get one done in each month of the quarter.

What started from these and was inspired by this......

....has become this.....

....the quilting plan.....

...and stacked with the others.

I make these journal covers as part of a personal "Scrap Quilt Challenge".  I try to get them all done from scraps and/or orphan blocks.  I know this one wound up pretty wonky.  I started off just sewing the triangles together without worrying about what size they were with the idea of creating bands of triangles to go around the binder.  As long as they went together relatively well, I sewed them up.  With the section that had the smallest triangles, it was going very slow without getting much additional length so I changed course and threw on larger triangles to finish that band.  Once I got all the bands done, I realized that unless the triangles were the same size, there would be points sacrificed when they got attached to the sashing.  That would be a big issue if this was for display or a contest quilt.  Fortunately, this is something that is only for me and will most often be sitting on a shelf (not to mention that I didn't want to restitch them!).  So I'm more than o.k. with a funky, wonky look and a finished cover.

I also have the cover to be worked on during May started:

This was one of the class blocks I did for my hand applique class back in 2010.  I was cleaning out scraps from previous projects and added that pink scrap to it to become the back of the cover (and the fabric is from the quilt seen in this post).  The plan is to add more applique to the back but no ideas right now about what that will be.  On to the May projects!

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