Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Seven Days of New Year's: Day 1

With the holidays now over, it's time to slow things down a bit and recharge my wits and energy to prepare for the start of a New Year!  Fortunately, I have no pressing activities or deadlines at the moment (she said with fingers crossed).  I'm hoping to take this period between now and New Year's Day to indulge in an extended daily Quilt-A-Thon session.  There are a number of things I'd like to get done which would help clear out the quilt space for that long list of 2020 "Wanna Do's" I've already compiled!

So today, I'm working on finishing up the letters for my own "Make It Scrappy" lap quilt.  Back in early December, I had started work on a quilt that was to be a gift for my MIL.    The pattern is a MODA Bake Shop design by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique using letters from the 2016 "Spell It With MODA" Quilt Along.

I was making a wall hanging size one for her and a lap quilt sized one for me.  I started out making blocks for both of our quilts together.

However, I was trying to meet a deadline so I could mail it out and get it to her by Christmas.  I reached a point where I realized if I was to have any chance of finishing her quilt by the deadline, I needed to stop working on my blocks and only focus on finishing hers and the quilt.

Needless to say while I did finish the quilt (and the post about that is here), I ultimately didn't make that deadline.  When I did finally go to mail it, I was told it wouldn't arrive until Saturday.  However, I just got off the phone with my MIL a little while ago and it turns out the package came today!  Great, now I'm even more ready to stand down and get back to my own work!

So for today,  I've been getting back to my blocks:  here's what I have so far:

I've picked out the fabrics and cut the pieces for these remaining letters:

So far, only the "F" is done.  I don't think I'll stay up too late tonight and try and finish them all.  I've had too many late nights lately as it is!  I also need to make three more Sawtooth Star blocks as well so I hope I can get to those in the coming days.  We'll see how the next six days goes!

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