Thursday, March 25, 2021

BOMs Away: Next Up for Christmas Figs

I finally finished up the next two "Christmas Figs" blocks for this month:

I loved being able to add a new colorway into that first block which in the BOM is called, as you would imagine, "Flying Geese".  This block had the benefit of two new stash purchases made last month on Etsy.  I was able to snag a small bundle of some of the "Figs & Shirtings" low volume prints from Farm Road Quilts.  They have been a great source for me for Fig Tree fabrics throughout this project.  A bundle of grey prints came from Handmade is Heartmade (great shop name, huh?!?) which also contained prints from "Figs & Shirtings" as well as from the "All Hallows Eve" line.  

Yesterday I saw the "Virtual Spring Market" video of  Fig Tree designer Joanna Figueroa.  She has a new fall line in the same vein as "All Hallows Eve" coming out called "Pumpkins and Blossoms".  If you're a Fig Tree fan, there are some pretty new lines coming out.  I'm going to try my best to resist them!

Funny thing about that second block which the BOM calls "Rolling Stones":  I realized as I sewed it up that I had already been working with these same blocks.  Also on my design wall is the continuing work on laying out (again) my "Emeralds" project.

The same block scrappier and on point


So now that the BOM work is done for the month I'm going to back to trying to bring "Emeralds" to a top.  Wish me luck!

Want to know what other "Block Of the Month" projects have wound their way through March?  Then join  Lynette at What A Hoot Quilts and Kate at Katie Mae Quilts to see what projects have moved forward along their project path!  


Zenia Rene said...

Both blocks are very pretty Vivian. And the fabrics are gorgeous too! Good luck resisting them. Yep, Rolling Stones is virtually the same as Emeralds. Thanks for introducing me to the BOMs Away! link up. I'll be linking up as I'm working on several BOMs a month! =)

M L said...

Hi Vivian - I have been inspired by "the Figs."

Book - check
Fabric - check
Time - coming in a June vacation

I hope to catch up with you. Thanks for the inspiration and the links!

Rebecca Grace said...

Whatever it's called, I do love those "rolling stones/emerald" blocks!

Vireya said...

Good for you, keeping up with your BOM.