Saturday, March 6, 2021

Instagram Quilt Fest 2021 is On!

 Just found out that Amy Ellis' annual Spring Instagram Quilt Fest for 2021 (#igquiltfest2021) has been up and running since the beginning of the month!  Just think, another wonderful event to showcase quilts during National Quilting Month.  Easy access to a whole month of quilt joy to ogle daily!  

These virtual quilt festivals are a wonderful chance to see what quilters are making all over the world.  As Amy herself says, "It's all about quilters coming together in a positive space to chat about quilting, and show off our fantastic quilts!"   It's also an opportunity to find new quilters to follow and, of course, new quilt designs and ideas to add to your project repertoire!  

I had participated in her Bloggers Quilt Fest many times and now that I have made the leap to the Instagram, I look forward to participating in this version too.  If you are also interested in participating, check out this Instagram post to see what will be the daily prompts Amy will be using to organize the submissions for each day.  

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