Friday, December 3, 2021

How I Replace My Ironing Board Covers

In my last post, I showed my new ironing board cover.  I got a question about what technique I use and since it has worked pretty good for the last few cover changes, I figured I'd share it here!

I have used a shortcut for making the last three board cover replacements I've done.  It all started with a cover I had a good while back.  I had one of those canvas covers with the measurement markings on it like this one: 

Golden Hands Measure-matic available at All

Here it is when I was working on "Floribunda" back in 2011.

The one I had was made out of a nice sturdy canvas but I can't vouch for the kind of fabric they print it on now.  

When I was ready to replace it, I had looked at a lot of ironing board cover tutorials and wasn't looking forward to doing the string casing.  I like those better than elastic around the edges which can stretch out over time.  So what I decided to do instead was to cut away the casing from the canvas cover (leaving the string in it) plus leaving about an extra half inch of the cover attached to the casing. 

Then I just cut the new replacement fabric in the same shape as what I cut out of the cover + an extra half inch for seam allowance.   I sewed the new replacement fabric to the old casing using a zigzag stitch to overcast the edge.

Now each time I've need to replace the cover, I just separate the casing from the old cover:

.... and use the old cover as the "pattern" for a new cover since it already includes the seam allowance.

The only challenge this time around was that before I cut out the new cover, I had to lay the new fabric on the board to make sure I was getting the word panels I had attached to the ends to line up right where I wanted them.  I also had to make sure that there was enough extra cut beyond them to pull around the ends of the board.  After that, I lined up the old "pattern" on it to position it for cutting.


As I said, the fabric the casing it is attached to is pretty sturdy and so far it has held up to me adding three new covers.  I was thinking that with the next change, I might either reinforce it with some fusible interfacing or even attach the casing and the new cover together by using bias binding tape to surround the edges. 

If you know of some easy ironing board cover tutorials, please share!


Mary said...

Thank you, Vivian!

I am going to really look at my board after the holidays and will report back.

The photos are really helpful!

Vireya said...

Your post about the new cover reminded me that mine is looking a bit sad. I might try washing it first before I replace it, but your method is interesting. I've tried various options over the years, although the last time I just bought a new cover because it was in a clearance sale and was cheaper than the fabric to make one!

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