Monday, December 27, 2021

The Seven Days of New Years 2021 - Day 2: More Hexies and Some Layering

A full day to say the least!  Despite some interruptions, I've almost got what I wanted to accomplish today completed.  

For the "Snowflake" project, this morning I picked out the fabrics for the next block and die cut them.  I started prepping them while watching the two You Tube shows that I spoke about yesterday  that aired this afternoon.  

I'm going to finish up the rest of the dark blue and gray ones while watching the late night news shows. 

Something I had hoped to start on last week was quilting on two projects, one of which needed to be layered.  I had a call to return that I expected to take a while so after finishing the shows and then having lunch, I decided to work on layering the quilt.

The quilt top that needed layering is called "Serendipity" and was made back in December 2020.  

The only batting I had closest to the size of this top was some Hobbs Tuscany Silk in a Twin.  

This will be the first time I've used this batting formulation.  I have another one in Queen size and I think I got both years ago during one of Connecting Threads big batting sales.  I'd love to also try a cotton/wool batt which they also carry under the Tuscany brand name.  It's a small lap quilt with no blocks to pin around so the easy layering is all done!

Backing is a Kim Diehl wide back print called "Spiced Pomegranate".

Here it is with "Hometown USA" which is the other quilt I want to get done.  What has energized me to get started on quilting both of these is Angela Walter's recently completed free motion quilting challenge that focused on "Feathers" .  She ran the last tutorial last week and there will be an additional wrap-up video to follow on the 30th.  I am looking forward to trying out all the various motifs she demoed and can see some possibilities for some fun filler stitching practice too.  

Edited 12/29/21 To Add:  Turns out Angela actually did one more tutorial today on quilting Feathers in borders.  Check it out here!

I'd love it if I could get them completely done by New Year's but I'm not holding my breath on that one!  Ok, now I can relax (?) with the news and the remaining hexie prep and then head to bed!  Tomorrow's another day!

BTW:  For those of you that like the "Accuquilt Live" events that air on You Tube (and also on Facebook), there's going to be another one tomorrow called "Squared Away" which will be demoing their "Cubes".  The special guest on the show will be Eleanor Burns!  More hexie sewing time for me, ha, ha!

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Vireya said...

Sounds like it was a really productive day!