Sunday, October 2, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching: Getting in Deeper....

As a newbie to cross stitch, I've learned there's yet another thing that the cross stitch world does similar to quilters: they have stitch alongs!  These are equivalent to our quilt alongs and are usually tied to a specific time (such as Stitch May-nia each May) or challenge (such as the cross stitch version of Bingo called "WIPGO").  

Kimberly Jolly at the Fat Quarter Shop is a huge cross stitcher and now offers cross stitch supplies on her website in addition to things for quilting.  She also hosts stitch alongs for charity and usually teams up with other cross stitch influencers like quilt designer Lori Holt (yes, she designs cross stitch patterns and supplies too!) and the Real Housewives of Cross stitch for these events.  Kimberly also now has a dedicated "Flosstube" channel on You Tube in addition to her quilting channel (and Lori Holt has both quilt videos and Flosstubes on her channel too).

Friday before last, Kimberly announced their annual Stitch-tober stitch along which will run from October 1 to November 15.  

You can stitch along with them on Lori Holt's new pattern "Autumn Love"   or stitch on any Fall or other pattern of your choice.  Kimberly is only going to work on Lori's pattern for the whole SAL but she says you can start a new project each day, each week or work at a schedule of your choosing.

I was thrilled to hear about this since having "fully finished" one project recently, I was hankering to start another one that is to hang as a companion to it.  We will be traveling at the end of the week, so Stitch-tober is a good excuse for me to put in some time this week and get it under way.

I am hoping to even finish it before we leave and then take another one on the trip with me.  We will be making our next National Park visit during the first few days of the trip.  If I could get this one started while away, it would be so apropos:

I talked about our last trip here.

I am excited to dip another toe into the cross stitch world even as I get nervous about how deep I might go!


Deb A said...

I find there are stitch alongs in a lot of hobby areas - quilting, crochet, knitting, cross stitch.... so many things to learn and so few hours in the day. Enjoy your trip. (I found you from the Slow Sunday link up)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the stitch along. It’s a cute pattern! Gail at the Cozy Quilter

Vireya said...

Happy stitching, and happy travels!

CathieJ said...

I have never seen your blog before today. I lived in the Bronx when I was a newborn many, many years ago. I have spent most of my life on Long Island. I too am a quilter and cross-stitcher though I spend more time on the latter craft. I really like the patterns that you have lined up to work on and the one that you finished. Enjoy your stitching!

Teri Lucas said...

Have so much fun with the Cross Stitching. I love that your creative side is being fed in new ways.