Tuesday, January 16, 2024

To Do Tuesday: A Little Forward, A Little Stopped.....

Joining in again -- albeit a little late -- for "To Do Tuesday" over at Carol's "Quilt Schmilt" blog (and I have to chuckle every time I say "Quilt Schmilt" -- too cute)!

It took me so long to check in because it took so long to finish this up:

"Old Tobacco Road" one of the early Bonnie Hunter mysteries is finally done!  This was top of my list for last week because I was really close to finishing it.  

I thought  that I could finish the quilting of the last two outer borders and then apply the binding and call it done by the end of the week.  Instead the quilting took right up to end of the day Thursday so I didn't get started on the binding until Friday.  That too went awry for a number of reasons so the binding only got finished a little while ago!  Now that it's done, I'll review the full finishing story at the end of the week.

Needless to say that means I didn't get any work done on the other two projects on my list for last week so work on those (two Raffle Quilts for my community garden's season opening and a BOM using Fig Tree fabrics) can now proceed during the rest of this week.  Let's hope for a better report on those for next week!

Ironically something that I had not put on my list did get completed -- well at least the stitching:  

This was my very first cross stitch piece that I started back in February of 2022 in the hopes of having it ready for Valentines Day that year.  CS-newbie that I was, it is now not a surprise that I didn't get it finished.  In hindsight, stitching with Silk floss on 18ct Aida is not the best first project!  I had stopped working on it in March figuring I'd finish it up for the holiday the following year.  

Well that didn't happen until this year (and many projects later) when I finally resumed stitching on this last week figuring on getting a slightly earlier start on it this time for the holiday, LOL!  At first I only got in a few more stiches because I was so focused on the quilt project.  However, when the binding problems hit, it felt better to just go do some cross stitch instead to blow off steam.  As seen in the picture, I also shopped for finishing supplies this weekend so getting this "fully finished" (as the cross stitchers say) now also goes on the list for this week.  

So here's hoping that the rest of the week I can relax a bit and get a few bite-size parts of these projects done.  Looking forward to seeing what others have worked on this week so will be checking out all the goodies over at Quilt Schmilt and see how the middle of January is treating everyone!


Marsha's Spot said...

A great finish!

LA Paylor said...

finishing a bonnie hunter pattern is an achievement
I finished the birdhouse quilt for Project Quilting, and feel like I ran a marathon!