Tuesday, January 9, 2024

To Do Tuesday: Two Reboots for 2024

I learned about a new link up last week so this is my first time checking in for Carol's "To Do Tuesday" at her "Quilt Schmilt" blog:

It looks like Quilt Schmilt attracts a fun group!

I am trying to be mindful of the things I want to get done both this year and this month.  Doing so was helpful in getting a lot of things done last year so I'd like to continue the trend.  

A Reboot From 2023 That Is Now "Close to Finished"!

So far for the start of the year, I am finishing up the quilting of my "Tobacco Road" mystery quilt:

This is one of the early Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts issued all the way back in 2008 but I didn't start mine until 2018.  I finished piecing the top in 2021, made the backing in 2022 and layered and started quilting it at the close of 2023.  

I'm down to stitching the cornerstone blocks and the outer two borders then I can move onto the binding.  This one should be done by the end of the week.  Not bad, only one week past the end of the latest mystery season!  BTW, have you taken a gander at the scrappy loveliness of Bonnie's newest mystery quilt "Indigo Way"?!?

Reboot#1:  Garden Raffle Quilts

The first of the reboots for 2024 is actually two quilts:  I've pulled the storage box back down for the raffle quilts I want to make for my community garden's 2024 Season Opening Day.   

Here they were when I packed them up last April.

Technically these have a firm finish deadline.  Well, firm in terms of this year I really want to get them done!  I had originally started them in 2022 and did more work on them last year.  The last time I worked on these, I had finished the top for the light version and left off debating the addition of some applique elements to it.

I still have to finish up the applique blocks for the dark version and assemble all the blocks into a top.

Our garden's President has invited me to the Steering Committee meeting where they will start planning for this year's event.  We always hold the season opening day on the Saturday closest to Earth Day.  It's on Monday April 22nd this year so we'll probably open on Saturday April 20th.  Our garden's Event Coordinator passed away last year so we are still determining who will fill that role in organizing that and other events during the year.  More than likely, we will all have to "pitch in" on the tasks for the foreseeable future.  

I would love to be able to take the tops to the meeting at the end of this week and give them a "preview" of them.  If I show them to the Committee, that will really "commit" me to the project and then I'll have to stay on them this time around until they are finished, LOL!!     

Reboot #2: The Scrappy Figs BOM

My "Scrappy Figs" project was one of the things left undone on my UFO Challenge list last year.  I was introduced to this project back in 2018 when Pat Sloan had done a sew along to make Joanna Figueroa's "Christmas Figs" quilt.  Pat had sewn up two versions of it:  one in the patterned Red and Green and one in Blue and White.  

Watching Pat's daily video at the beginning of December, I was surprised to find that she had also not finished those two yet!  She put it on her December "To Do" list to finish them and that prompted me to think about trying to at least finish my blocks for it by the end of the year too.  

I had loved the original quilt design but didn't want to do it in Christmas colors.  That inspired me to do it in a scrappy mix of Fig Tree fabrics which was something that I had always wanted to stash.  I had started this project as a personal "Block of Month" all the way back in 2020 but the pandemic and all the wonderful pandemic quilt alongs that year meant I got off track on it.  

Pat only needed to bind her Red and Green version to finish it and still needs to get the Blue and White one quilted.  For some reason,  I thought I had twenty-five blocks to make for this project which is what I had put on my UFO list.  However, reviewing the pattern book again I see there's only twenty blocks in the original design although it does call for making some cornerstone blocks that I don't know if I will be including in mine.  I have twelve of the twenty blocks needed so only need to make eight more.   

When my DH and I visited my MIL back in October, I was able to stock up on a whole bunch of new Fig Tree Fat Quarters during the "All Carolinas Shop Hop".  The Quilt Lizzy store in Warrenton, NC was closing its brick and mortar shop to go fully online so the sales presented a phenomenal opportunity to stash some more!

The Fig Tree FQs are on the right but a lot of Grunge was purchased on this trip too! 

Getting back to work on this now gives me an opportunity to incorporate the new Fat Quarters into my existing stash and scrappy design. 

As always big plans for the month and big hopes for staying on track!  I'm looking forward to regularly checking in with those making "To Do Tuesday" lists so we can help each other stay accountable!


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Welcome to the TTD group! You have lots of fun stuff going on. I esp like the baskets!

Kathryn T said...

Wow to that mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Isn't she amazing with the patterns she creates. Looks like we follow very similar people with Pat Sloan and Fig Tree fabrics.