Monday, April 16, 2012

BOM Rehab #4

As noted in my last post, I've had to switch my Rehab allegiance from Wool back to the Civil War...Civil War Chronicles that is!  And when it comes to this project it can only mean one thing---HSTs to inifinity and beyond!  This project has consistently called for a lot of HSTs and the border blocks are no exception.  Sixty-eight blocks with ten 1-1/2" finished HSTs in each block.  Do the math and you guessed it, over 600 HSTs to be made!  My saving grace throughout this project has been to make them with triangle sheets.  As I've noted before, I use Quilt-Pro's "Triangle Magic" software but you can also use Brenda Henning's "Triangulations" software as well.

I've printed out most of the sheets already (two got crumpled coming through in the printer and have to be re-done).  For the whole border, I have a total of 33 sheets to sew up: 24 letter size in the red/cream color combo and 9 legal size in red/brown combo. The page size printed was chosen based on how many squares print on a page and what would yield the closest amount to what was needed without having too many extra or short.  With so many to do, I've decided to just attach a few sheets at a time to fabric for sewing up.  I also have to cut 2" squares to complete the block and did a stack to get me started and will cut more as I go along.

I started by sewing up one sheet of each and that yielded four finished blocks and leftover HSTs in the dark combo ready to be added to future blocks.  Needless to say I've got a couple of weekends of work ahead of me before this gets done.  I also still need to start putting all the center blocks together to form the center of the top.  This project is also on my UFO  List for Judy's Patchwork Times Challenge but that pick will be for the quilting only.

Want to see how everyone else is recovering from BOM overload?  Click back over to Sinta's Pink Pincushion blog so we can all share our BOM joys (finished blocks!) and misery (how many more do I have to go??)!

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Sherry said...

My BOM projects seem so simple compared to your amazing project. I love the Civil War quilts I see people working on but I think that will have to wait until I have more experience. Have a great week of sewing.