Monday, April 30, 2012

BOM Rehab #6

Good Thing I Cheated!

I was disappointed last weekend when I only got four of the Chronicles BOM border blocks done.  I really wanted to get twelve done so that one side of blocks would be complete.  So during last week I worked on the remaining eight blocks for the first side so that when the weekend came I could start, on schedule, the blocks for the second side.  And I did get the eight blocks done so now sixteen blocks are finished.

However, the weekend turned into an unplanned bust for quilting.  My DH is a UPS driver and will be eligible for retirement in four years and his union rep announced that they were holding retirement seminars in the coming weeks.  He called to reserve two spots in one scheduled for May 12 in Elmsford, NY and when the union rep called back, he told us there was also a session being held this past Saturday in Farmingdale, Long Island so we opted to attend that one instead.  Calling home after it was over, our son told us my MIL had called---she was in town for a wedding and wanted to come by to visit on Sunday!  We had planned to do our monthly warehouse club shopping that day so had to switch and do that on Saturday instead (fortunately we saw a Costco in the area where the seminar was held so dropped in before heading home). Needless to say with company coming that also meant some straightening up and meal planning and after hosting Sunday, I was too pooped to pop, uh, sew.  

So thank goodness I did cheat or I'd be a lot further behind!  But now a new challenge:  I will be attending the Northern Star Quilter's Guild Show in Somers, NY this coming weekend (click on the guild name for the show announcement and the word "show" for the schedule of events).  The good news is that Bonnie Hunter is their featured guest speaker!  I love Bonnie and she will be giving two different lectures, one on each day of the show so I will be attending both days.  The bad news is that means there will probably be no quilting this weekend either!  So this week will have to be another cheater week:  the plan is to try to get 32 blocks made this week to finish up the blocks for sides two and three to stay on schedule.  I'm hoping to make up the triangle sheets today and eight blocks a day for the rest of the week.  Then next week I can focus on putting all the center blocks together for the top,  finish the last side of blocks that weekend and complete the top the week after.  It's a good thing that FOCUS is my word of the year!

Hope your BOM Rehab plans went a little more smoothly than mine.  For the rest of you:  have some BOMs but are not participating in Sinta's BOM Rehab?  Why not?!  Click over to her blog and see what every one is catching up on.  I promise you'll be inspired to get them done!


Sinta Renee said...

Yeah Vivian! Your stack of blocks are beautiful! This is coming together fast... you are on a roll! xxoo

marcella said...

Hey, you've done so much on those blocks! I don't think sewing during the week is cheating. I think rehab works any day you can fit it in. Best of luck with your schedule for the upcoming weeks. Can't wait to hear about the quilt show too.

Helen said...

Wow! That's an impressive pile of blocks! And an impressive plan for finishing blocks. Hope you don't have too many interruptions.

I love the colors in your blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.