Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally Catching Up on Another UFO and Joining The String Thing Along (The Short Version)

I finally did it!  I had planned since last summer to put my sons back to work sewing up strings for the Denim Blue Lagoon Blocks.

 This project was on my original "PHD (Projects Half Done) Challenge" list last year.   And I made plans again and again to work on it but was never able to meet my deadlines.  Then at the start of the year I saw the String Thing (Quilt) Along announced and I thought "now's the time".   But up to now, I've been too busy sewing other projects to clear enough work space to enable me work with my boys.  However, I've been a little better organized lately and then a timely cable service outage this week (which meant no after school TV, internet or phone) has helped to make my dreams come true!  Wednesday afternoon, I was finally able to get my youngest son to resume sewing some strips for me so I could cut them into the 60 degree triangle units I need for the blocks and cut diamonds out of the old and outgrown jeans I've collected until we have enough blocks for two twin size tops.
The pattern I am using is from Fons & Porter and theirs was originally made up in batiks. When I started this back in 2009, I wanted to make heavy winter quilts for my sons so decided to use up scrap strings and denim from their outgrown jeans.

For the full story see the post at the String Thing Along here.  I am excited to be trying to get yet another WIP/UFO to the finish line!

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