Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Design Wall...uh, Tuesday

I had prepped this for Judy's Design Wall Monday linky and then forgot to post it! Oh, well a Tuesday post in the wilderness it will have to be!

There was almost a DWR Crisis last week! It was supposed to be an easy week with only three centers in the current row to add arcs to.  But a full blown crisis was anticipated when I went to do the second center and thought I only had four arcs left! 

At that point I had one more center to do for the week and (correcting the information I reported in my Design Wall post last Monday) I still had three more rows still to do after this week's blocks were done.

A while back, I had added a gold melon to some arcs and then decided not to use them for the row I was working on at the time.  For balance, I had decided that arc/melon set should go at the bottom of the quilt and added it to one of the green centers down there.  However, based on the sequence of fabrics I have used so far for the red connecting corners, it now looks like I put the the wrong set on that last row.  The good news was they were just what I needed for the row I was working on so the new plan was to take that arc set off the green center and use it on the last center and then make up one more set of arcs to finish this row.

Except when I went to check the project fabric stash I found these:

Arcs, beautiful, already made arcs!  Thank goodness!  I still took the arc/melon set off the green center and used it in the current row.  And although the balance of the melons used in the top will not be exactly what I would have liked in this area, it is what it is and what it is will have to be.  More importantly, I now don't have to make more arcs or push the estimate up of when I will finish this top.  I do expect to run out of the red connecting corners shortly but have no problem with cutting more of those as I work on this during the week. When all was said and done, here's where I was:

Whew!  Crisis averted!

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