Monday, January 30, 2017

Design Wall Monday and Weekend Doings

A Gift Quilt

On the design wall is a new quilt I've been working on since last Thursday:

I have a long-time friend who I've made a few quilts for and had always planned to make one for her husband too.  He likes to golf and is a NY Mets fan (as am I) so for a long time I debated about which kind of quilt to make for him.  The Quilt Muses are always listening so of course back in 2015 I came across the Clothworks fabric line "A Hole In One":

Golf theme that prominently featured the Mets colors (Blue, Orange and White)!  Perfect!  Of course the next question was what design to apply them to.  Again the Muses stepped in and I saw this design:

It's called "Gone Golfing" by Rochelle Martin of Cottage Quilt Designs.  What was even better was that when I saw the pattern and before I knew who designed it, I thought the style of it looked familiar.  When I got the pattern and did a little digging as to who was behind the pattern company, I knew why.   The previous Fall, I had made this quilt:

This design is called "Morning Catch" which is from the book "Man Cave Quilts" which is also by Rochelle Martin!  Since I could visualize how the Clothworks fabrics could be plugged into the "Golfing" quilt and knowing it was by a designer I was already familiar with, it was a done deal for me.  Oh, and it will be backed with this fleece:

Both my friend and her husband have birthdays (one day apart) in February so I'm trying to get this and a mug rug for her work cubicle done as presents.

Other doings this weekend:

I'm still working away on En Provence:  I cut out the quarter square triangles for Parts 6 and 7.

So they're ready to go for leader/ender sewing while the gift quilts get put together.  Once the blocks for those Parts are done, I'll be ready to test my mauve (constant) fabric for Part 2 and if I'm still happy with it, start piecing together the big blocks for the quilt center.

Quilt-As-You-Go Blocks: 

I didn't get to "sit and stitch" this weekend because I needed to prep more blocks for quilting.  I was out of blocks ready to be stuffed with batting so after all the work on the golf quilt and En Provence, I picked out some of the square pairs that had been pieced together (a print charm square teamed with a white square) when I started this project way back when.  I have to sew the pairs together to make a four patch and then together again to create the block ready for stuffing. 

I got ten set up so either during this week or for next weekend's "Slow Sunday Stitching" session, I will stuff them with batting and can then start stitching them.  I think I might watch the Superbowl after all so having these ready would be perfect for that! 

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