Saturday, January 7, 2017

Patchwork Times Quilt-A-Thon - Day 3

Well so much for getting an early start to today's Quilt-A-Thon!  DH came home from work this morning and it looks like the bug that's been going around the house is trying to grab a firmer hold of him.  So the day started with nursemaid duties rather than quilting.

In addition it's snowing here and it looks like the 2 - 4 inches predicted is already down and the snow is continuing.  So now I'm really hoping they DON'T call about picking up our car from the shop today!

Now that I can settle in (hopefully for the day), here's what's on the agenda:

1)  Getting back to the En Provence   Part 1 neutral four-patches.  Hopefully I can finish them up today.

Evening Update
Got another 41 done so now my count is up to 111.  Only 110 more to go (but not today)!

2)   Prepping for Slow Sunday Stitching tomorrow

I want to get some of these blocks prepared in advance so I can sew on them while watching the NY Giants wildcard playoff game tomorrow afternoon.  I feel like stuffing the batting in the blocks takes away too much time from the stitching so I can get more of them done if I prep them in advance.  Hmmm, it might also be a good idea to prep some of these for "travel work" for when we go pick up the car too.

Evening Update
I only got five blocks set up for stitching. 
I'm hoping I can get a few more ready before game time tomorrow.
Well it was true that given the progress on the previous days and the continuing nurse duties, I didn't  get to much more than that.   Looking forward to the last day of Quilt-A-Thon tomorrow.  Part of  that needs to be setting up what I can work on in smaller increments of time during the week.    That's it for me for today!

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