Monday, January 9, 2017

En Provence Update Instead of a Link Up

Having got a very late start on Bonnie Hunter's latest Quiltville mystery En Provence, I had hoped that by working on it during the Quilt-A-Thon days, I might at least have all the parts ready to show for today's final link-up.  Nope!   Go check out all of the finished quilts and tops and blocks in progress that ARE ready for posting over on the Quiltville blog here.

In fact, what was I thinking?  How could I have expected to have all my parts done in a few days when she started this mystery right after Thanksgiving and gave everyone a whole week to construct each part  and two weeks to get the top together.  Just another example of me needing to better define "Realistic" in my SMART goals.

That said, I'm not bummed just re-setting.  So last I left off, I had gotten about two thirds of the neutral four patches for Part 1 made up.

I was out of the stash of lighter neutrals that I had pulled from the general and QOV stashes and was planning to go buy some more while working on the rest of the parts of the mystery.  However, during the QAT,  I was also working on my Quilt-As-You-Go blocks.  As I was packing them away after the stitching, what did I realize? 

I have a big piece of white-on-white fabric that I used for the alternate squares in the QAYG blocks!  I already have a lot of the QAYG blocks cut out and am pretty sure I won't need all of this fabric.  So I'm cutting a couple of strips to use to help make the rest of the four patches as well as add to the strips already set aside for the other parts of the mystery.  The good news is these will be good leader/ender and "15 minutes a day" piecing for the week.

Also during the QAT, I cut strips from my dark fabrics for four patches for Part 3 and to make the units for the other parts.

Today I got to the light purples on the left above that I wasn't able to cut. 

The purple four patches are another "15 minutes a day" piecing stash.  After all the four patches are done, I'll move on to cutting and piecing neutral and dark purple HSTs for Part 4. 

Then it'll be back to finishing up the labels and moving on to setting up for stitching the wholecloth project.   Hoping this week can continue to be as productive as the weekend.

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