Monday, December 31, 2018

Quiltville Strings Everywhere and String Along Week 1

On Friday, Part 6 of Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery "Good Fortune" dropped and today is the day everyone is linking up with their progress.

Guess what?  Bonnie has the particpants doing string piecing with their neutral fabrics for this part!  So now I really feel right in the swing of things since I had planned to start working on Bonnie's "Roll, Roll, Cottn Boll" quilt as one of the String projects I wanted to tackle for the string alongs being hosted by the MODA staff (who started Friday!) and Lori at Humble Quilts (who started the week before last).  So once again on the mystery day, I was in "Quilting With Bonnie" mode since "Cotton Boll" starts off with piecing neutral string units too.

In other Quiltville news, I've  finally finished the "Double Delight"  Part 1 units and can now move on to the other parts.  Since the units for Part 1 were such a slog and I will be making similar units for Part 2,  I thought I'd mix it up a bit to keep it interesting.  For Part 3 I have to piece nine-patches which are also another good leader/ender unit.

The blocks made from those first three parts are used to make the larger blocks for Part 4.  So I'm going to piece the Part 2 and 3 units at the same time and start laying them out on the design wall with the Part 1 blocks or maybe even sewing the blocks together.  Also good news is that when I had cut the neutral fabrics for this project into triangles for Part 1, I also cut them in strips for part 3 and in squares for Part 5.  The nine patches from Part 3 are also teamed with those squares to make the larger blocks for Part 5.  So I'm hoping to catch up to "Good Fortune" as I do the various sewing for this project over the next weeks.

The "Scrappy Trips" backing has been pieced together.  When I checked my stash, I thought I was out of twin batting but fortunately I found the package that I had won back in November (whew!).

However, as of today there's still no sign of the new free-motion foot for the Featherweight and there's no mail delivery tomorrow.  Despite what I had hoped, it looks like the quilting for  both this and "Cobblestones" will have to be pushed forward into the New Year.
From Friday to today its been a free-from-errands weekend so perfect for sewing (and watching Game of Thrones reruns!!).  The window for the year-end project countdown is closing and it looks like I won't get as much done as hoped.  No matter, what has been either done or moved forward is still good and I'm already primed for what's on board for the New Year.  How about you, are you ready for 2019 to start?

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