Monday, December 24, 2018

Where in the Quiltville Am I?!?

So today is the link-up over at Bonnie's blog for Part 5 of her latest mystery "Good Fortune".

Looks like a lot of people have aready got the units for that part done and in the can!  Bonnie had said at the outset that this mystery wasn't going to be as piecing intensive as some of the prior ones were.  Maybe I shouldn't have sat this one out?!?!

No, no, I've got enough on my plate as we close out 2018 and it's getting harder to keep them all juggled and in the air as the days count down.  I'm still trying to get through Part 1 of Double Delight:

I've now got three-quarters of the total blocks I need to complete this part.  Not much more to go!  When they're done, the pieces for Part 2 (the brown and cheddar bits in the black tray above) wait patiently in the wings to get under way.  What kept me from getting more done on those was that I moved over to a non-Quiltville project (horrors!).  I layered up my "Christmas Cobblestones"  quilt and was trying to get it quilted.

I'm trying the "quilting in sections" technique on my Featherweight and got as far as ditch stitching a section with the Walking Foot in prep for then doing some free-motion on it.  Unfortunately, the test I ran with the free-motion feet I have for the machine didn't work out at all well in terms of bottom tension.  Lots of heavy "eyelashing" on the back.

I've got another foot on order but don't know when it will arrive.  At this point, I'm not sure if I'll continue with that experiment at this time since I want to get this one finished for display and for the year.  Fortunately, I have a fall back:

On the plus side, since the cutting table is still clear after layering that quilt, I can move forward on another Quiltville project and in the meantime layer up "Scrappy Trips" since it too is one that I want to quilt up before the year ends.

Regarding yet another Quiltville mystery project:  Later on this week I actually hope to start working on the neutral string units for Bonnie's Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll that was a 2010 mystery but now can be found in her book String Fling.  (BTW, her latest book String Frenzy is literally flying out of Bonnie's doors as soon as she releases a new wave of books -- the next ordering wave will open up on New Year's Day.)

There are String Alongs going on with Lori DeJarnatt of Humble Quilts and another to start in January (only a week away!) with the staff of MODA fabrics.  So a little post-Christmas, pre New Year's sewing for me will be to start leader/endering units for this new one.

Good 'ole Lao Tzu had it right, "If you do not change direction, you will end up where you are heading."  Got to keep it moving!  Are you working on anything with Bonnie this week?  Let's hope all the Merry and gifts to come don't keep you away from your sewing machine for too long!

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Hi have a lot going on. It's all looking great! Keep going...