Monday, December 17, 2018

What's going on in Quiltville land?

It is another busy week for Quiltvillers new and old!  The new ones are working on the latest mystery "Good Fortune".  Part 4 dropped on Friday.  They are making orange string pieced units this week.  You can see what everyone is up to on today's Monday Morning Link-up over at Bonnie's blog.

Bonnie has a friend and neighbor named Mona who has helped her the last few months with searching for and setting up furniture for the new Quiltville Inn (you say you don't know about that?!?!  Oh, then you'd better read this!).  She also helped get the mailings of Bonnie's new book Sting Frenzy out and used Bonnie's longarm to finish up her quilts.  However, Mona is also a first time Quiltville mystery quilter!  Bonnie talked about her progress on her post here.

Bonnie also mentioned that MODA is doing a String Along in 2019 and that projects from her new book might be just the thing for that.  Well, that's good for me too because I have an old string UFO project that I had already slotted into my 2019 "To Do" list and I also have paper and strings already set up to do Bonnie's "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" mystery so I'll definitely be joining in on that fun!

As for an old Quiltviller like me,  I've downloaded Part 4 and was supposed to spend last week getting started on the piecing for Part 1 of "Double Delight", one of Bonnie's 2008 mysteries.  I had cut everything for it the week before and had hoped to get all the piecing done by the end of last week.  Unfortunately, I only managed to get as far as this:

I got twenty-four blocks pieced.  Since this is a Bonnie mystery, you know I have a lot more to do!  The reason I didn't get more done is I had some Christmas sewing to do:

I made mug rugs for my MIL and her sister to go with mugs and cookies I was sending them.  Those went out in the mail Friday (expected to arrive today and tomorrow) and I'll detail more on that in another post.  I had a shopping day with a friend on Saturday so no sewing then --- I have no excuse for yesterday though!  The good news is that I have today and tomorrow free so hope to make up for some lost time.  For instance, I have to make the same square-in-a-square blocks for Part 2 but using different fabrics.  I had cut the cheddar center squares for those the other week while doing the cutting for Part 1 so started cutting the brown HSTs that will go around them today:

I have a lot more to cut for those too!  As for my other Bonnie project, I made a final decision on my "Scrappy Trips" top:

I'm not going to add more borders because I'd really like to have a shot at quilting this one up before the end of the year.  I have another scrappy project planned and I wouldn't mind using the leftovers from it to make another one of these so I can plan, from the beginning, to make exciting borders for that one.  Oh, and my backing and binding arrived today!

I know, it's a hoot!  "Scrappy Trips" is what I'd call a "fun" quilt and it will be a couch quilt so I wanted a backing in the same vein.  I saw a couple of things that went with the top color-wise but kept going back to these faces -- they crack me up!  It's actually a fabric for children's sleepwear so it's a good thing I'm a big kid at heart!  Even better it's flannel fabric (one of my favorites) so I bought enough to make the back and a bonus project:

I've had these solid flannels for eons planning to make the tops in this pattern to go with some flannel lounge pants I already own.  So I've portioned out the backing for the quilt and I'll use the rest to make a pair of pants from this pattern as well!  Looks like I'll finally get back into sewing clothing which I've wanted to do for awhile. 

The black Kansas Troubles petal print was actually my back-up choice for the binding.  The binding fabric I really wanted was a solid black flannel but the stock was already very low on the website when I placed my order.  When the shipping confirmation notice came, it showed that I didn't get any by the time they got to my order.  However, I'm actually happy with "Plan B" --- I think it will work fine after all.

So this gives me a second quilt that I hope to layer up over the next two weeks.  I also just confirmed this morning that a baby quilt I thought I was going to need by Christmas can be pushed back -- the parents decided to skip doing a "Baby's First Christmas" shindig in favor of focusing on having an even bigger "Baby's First Birthday" party in January.  Whew!  That definitely takes some of the pressure off the production department!

So hope you're looking forward to a fun and quilty week!  I know I am!

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