Thursday, April 15, 2021

A to Z Quilt Challenge: M = Mini Quilts

 For the month of April, I have taken up Frédérique's Quilting Patchwork and Applique challenge to blog daily (except Sundays) on a quilt topic related to a letter of the alphabet.  

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Who doesn't love a good Mini Quilt?

I have to admit that mini quilt displays have always appealed to me.  Some quilters whose work I admire when it comes to making minis are Janet of the Rogue Quilter blog who also participates in the "Monthly Mini" group hosted by Wendy at The Constant Quilter blog, Lori DeJarnett of Humble Quilts for her doll quilt alongs and Katy Sweigart of Katy Quilts.  The blue strips quilt on the upper left in the picture above is one I purchased from her.  It's made from the leftovers of a Gee's Bend quilt kit.  I also have one of those kit quilts that is still a top waiting for quilting.  I'm hoping I have enough of the leftovers from mine to make a companion to hers.  

So what's the appeal of a mini quilt?  Well first of all, little things are cute!  Then there's the limited fabric and time investment.  They are projects that are great for using up scraps as I noted in my recent Civil War Quilts post.  They can also be a good practice for precision piecing or a way to make up small blocks to try a new-to-you block or quilt technique.

This book has patterns for 3" to 6" blocks to practice precision piecing.

The very first mini quilt I made is the one on the bottom right in the group picture.  It was made not so much for displaying the quilt itself but to highlight a display of my Featherweight machine.  

Once we moved, my new set up for the machine didn't work with just one quilt.... more had to be made!

And even now, I want to add at least one more next to Katy's on that end!  So many quilts, so little time....

Do you like Mini Quilts?  Have you made one?  If you have more than one, where and how do you display them?  

Linking up with Frédérique and the other Challengers at Quilting Patchwork and Applique.  Bonne journée!


Frédérique said...

I love minis too, also because they are cute, and because it's a great way to try a new technique, or color combo, before making a big one ;)

Vireya said...

I love displays of mini quilts. Yours look wonderful!

I haven't made even one myself, though.

Verveine et Lin said...

vous verrez ma collection à la lettre Q dans quelques jours...