Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A to Z Quilt Challenge: R = Rulers

For the month of April, I have taken up Frédérique's Quilting Patchwork and Applique challenge to blog daily (except Sundays) on a quilt topic related to a letter of the alphabet.  

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If there is one thing we quilters love it's our quilting Rulers!  We all have our favorites.  Like most quilters, I keep the basic rulers close by:

The ones I use for probably 80% of my projects would be the 6-1/2" square ruler, 6" x 24" and a large Square Up ruler (mine is 15" square).  

I also still use an older ruler called an "All In One" which is basically a 6" x 12-1/2" ruler with Companion Angle (QST) markings on one end and an Easy Angle (HST) triangle on the other end.  Early in my quilting this was my travel ruler and was very useful before I had the actual Easy Angle Ruler set. 

Speaking of the latter, I now do have a complete set of those.  

Although now that I also have an Accuquilt die cutter, when I have a lot of those to cut, I will usually die cut them.  

If I was asked what is the ruler I must have (in addition to the basic ones) if I am stranded on a desert island, it would be my Stripology Ruler (this is the original version).

I purchased this to replace my June Tailor Shape Cut when it broke after years and years of use on almost every project.  I loved that one too and only purchased the Stripology because I liked that it added the "at a glance" white outline for cutting 10" squares.  I would love to get the new Stripology XL or will probably purchase the QuiltCut Strip Savvy XL which is the same ruler but a little cheaper.  But not until this one dies!!  It is an expensive ruler but why is it worth it?  Because of this:

When you have to cut lots of strips, particularly in different sizes and/or you need to sub-cut them later into squares, this kind of ruler makes that very easy.  Gudrun Erla designed the Stripology ruler and most of her patterns are written to utilize it to the fullest extent although she also gives instructions for using regular rulers too. 

Another useful basic ruler is my Fons and Porter Diagonal Sets ruler.  

This is great for cutting "no math" setting triangles (both for the sides and the corners) for quilts with blocks laid out in a diagonal setting.

Edited 5/27/21 To Add:  If you are an Accuquilt die cutting fan and want to forgo using templates to cut setting triangles, in May 2021 they released their new sets of Setting Triangle Dies.  You can check out the sizes available for different finished block sizes here and view their presentation of the new dies here (along with special guest, quilt designer Kaye England). 

For Trimming up blocks, I love, love, love Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Tucker Trimmer.

This one is useful because you can line up not only the outside edges but the center diagonal on HST and QST blocks.

I will note here that normally I consider "rulers" ones that make basic geometric cuts.  I categorize rulers that cut specific shapes or blocks as "templates".  However, I do need to include two of those with these rulers because they work in conjunction with the basic triangle shapes to make blocks easier to piece.  Sometimes a pattern will have you cut triangles that can't be cut with an Easy Angle Ruler but could use the points trimmed to make the piecing easier.  In those instances, the Fons and Porter Triangle Trimmers are a big help!

Gudrun Erla also sells a set of these that includes a trimmer for 60 degree angles.   I will blog about my other favorite "Templates" as part of a post later this week.

What are your "go to" Rulers for quilting?  Which one(s) do you find you always reach for when you start a project?

Linking up with Frédérique and the other Challengers at Quilting Patchwork and Applique.  Bonne journée!


Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Wow, that's a lot of rulers! My favorites are the same you featured in the second photo. I have a triangle too, but not used it yet!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have a lot of rulers - I have a peg board that I keep mine on but it is not in a good place - I do not have a good place for it but I wish it was white instead of black so the rulers would be seen easier I really don't even know what I have and do not use so many of them. I do like one in particular that I use a lot and that is one that is 6 x 12 it is the one I use the most it seems.

Vireya said...

My favourite rulers are my metric ones, but I have bought a few in inches in recent times. As for specialty rulers, I have the Tri-Recs set, and an Easy Angle and Companion Angle, all of which were bought for Quiltville Mysteries. I bought a set of Apple Core templates for a workshop a few years ago, and haven't used them since.