Friday, April 30, 2021

A to Z Quilt Challenge: Z = Zippered Accessories

 For the month of April, I have taken up Frédérique's Quilting Patchwork and Applique challenge to blog daily (except Sundays) on a quilt topic related to a letter of the alphabet.  

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In order to corral our tools and supplies, quilters will often make their own storage accessories.  I will admit that many of the ones I've liked or made utilize Zippers in their design.

A few years ago, I made a zippered project pouch using a pattern by Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts.  The pattern was originally available from Connecting Threads and later Craftsy.  Amanda is no longer designing and the pattern doesn't seem to be online anymore.  However, a similar pattern is available on the Moda Fabrics website.

At the time it was storing my "Scrappy Trips" blocks in progress.

I even got to use an old zipper I had from my grandmother's sewing box for this one!

Last year (pre-pandemic), I finally got around to making a little tote for a micro-mini iron I've had for years.

Having come from a clothing sewing background, I am familiar with inserting zippers.  However, some zippers are easier to install than others!

This topic was an opportunity to get right to work on a new pattern I had just purchased last month: The "Catch-All Cutie" by Teresa Weaver of Your Sewing Friend.


Can be closed and carried!

I couldn't resist this really unique design and its "cutie" moniker is apt!  This one is easier to make than it looks.

Maybe one day, I'll try using zippers as an embellishment in a quilt.  This Bernina We All Sew tutorial shows how it can be done.  

Do you use zippers in either accessories or your quilt projects?  Are you scared to insert them or an "old pro" at putting them in?

So that's it for me, I've gone from A to Z!!  I've enjoyed spending this month looking at some of the many things that I love about quilting.   I'll be linking up one last time with Frédérique and the other Challengers at Quilting Patchwork and Applique.  Bonne journée!


Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

How fun, we had the same idea ;))
Well done, congratulations on your challenge, I enjoyed all your projects!

M L said...

What a great post!

The catch-all cutie looks like a usual bag for when we can workshop again.

verveine et lin said...

je suis contente que vous ayez trouvé un autre modèle de pochette plate car j'avais eu des demandes, j'ai complété mon article.
j'aile aussi beaucoup votre trousse qui tient debout, c'est sur ma liste de projets.
et surtout c'était un plaisir de découvrir votre blog grâce à ce challenge!


Vireya said...

I'm going to miss the alphabet posts now we have reached the end. It has been a fascinating project!

I've inserted lots of zips in clothing and bags, but the only quilted items with zips were quilted cushion covers.

Rebecca Grace said...

Great way to use your grandmother's zipper, and I love that Catch-All Cutie. Adorable AND useful!